Bookings and times shown below may change but will be kept as up-to-date as possible!

Date Time Location Price  Link
5.11.2017 2-4pm Revolution Vinyl Cafe, Trinity Road, Weymouth Free
30.10.2017 9-12pm Britannia Inn, Portland Free
6.10.2017 6:30pm Light the Lantern, Centenary Club, Weymouth £5
1.10.2017 3-5pm Convivial Rabbit Micro Pub, Dorchester Free
23.9.2017 N/A Wedding – Private function N/A
3.9.2017 N/A Private Party N/A
19.8.2017 3:45pm Radipole Gardens Fun Day, Weymouth Free
18.8.2017 7-9pm Revolution Vinyl Cafe, Trinity Road, Weymouth Free
12.8.2017 11:30am Bridport Folk Festival, Dagger Stage Free
28.7.2017 8:30pm Dolmen Grove Tribal Dreams Festival Ticketed
8.7.2017 2pm Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival, Northquay stage Weymouth Free
4.6.2017 12-1pm Harbour Stage, Wessex Folk Festival Free
28.5.2017 4:30-7pm ALBUM LAUNCH! Royal Portland Arms Free  
21.4.2017 8:30pm Dolmen Grove Beltane Festival Ticketed